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About us

We would like to take this opportunity to give you a little more background on us and our company. P & P Events was started by two high school best friends who came together to do what they do best, plan special events! We have been an established business for over 6 years, but our individual training and talent sets us above all others. We started this company purely on our passions and talents for event planning, and even more so weddings! After a combined 12 years in the banquet industry, coupled with our 15 plus years in the food and beverage industry, we allowed our love for planning to intertwine with our experience and built this amazing company in January of 2018! We know the ins and outs of event planning and our passion is to give you exactly what you dreamed of.


The Small Details

Hiring a professional wedding planner to arrange and organize your dream wedding is important to ensure the experience is simple from start to finish. We will help...

* Plan and organize the pre-nuptial and the day of event;
* Provide budgeting of the wedding essentials
* Implement the well-planned coordination services within the months leading up to the event & so much more.

Imagine yourself walking down the aisle in the dress of your dreams to start your happily ever after. Love is in the air. And then it hits you. How would all of it be possible without the officiant, the flowers, the bridal party, the food and venue? That is where our services come in!

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